Cowboy Up

Female private investigator Jessie Harmon is at the end of her rope. Her P.I. business is in the red, her credit cards are maxed out, and her rent is overdue. So when she takes on a job tracking down the heir to the Sloan fortune and handing him a billion dollar inheritance check, she’s ecstatic. That is until she meets the sexy, sultry, and oh-so-stubborn her, Blake Sutherland. Not only does he prefer the solitude of his ranch in the middle of Nowhereville to a potential estate in Bel Air, but Jessie is also having a heck of a time keeping her eye on her case – and off the fit of his wranglers. If she’s not careful, Jessie may end up losing her heart along with her business.


In Over Her Head

Jason Cavanaugh was used to handling corporate merges – not babies. So, when the daughter he never knew he had shows up, the first thing on his to-do list is find a nanny. When fiery redhead, Grace Standish, arrives, reforming himself from playboy to play-dates becomes harder that Jason ever imagined. Instant attraction, a hot single dad, and an a growing attachment to one little baby leave Grace in danger of losing her heart and in way over her head.

I felt like the novel progressed quite nicely, I loved the build up between the two leads, but when the (always inevitable) quasi-break-up came their was no character development for the re-unification, it was kind of like “I’m sorry” – “me too” – “okay we’re in love.” I think that this is def. worth a read, but just keep the length/price in mind if you decide to purchase.