Demon Possession by Kiersten Fay

A wonderful start to a new series by paranormal romance author Kiersten Fay. Demon Possession starts off with a rush of adrenaline. Analia’s (aka Anya’s) escape had me glued to my e-reader. As she escapes, the author alludes to a past of sorrow and pain, while revealing a mysterious gift that we learn more about later. Analia is one of my favorite female characters of recent, she’s tough, on the cusp of being badass, yet she’s venerable.

Sebastian, a smoldering hot demon, is the captain of the ship that Analia sneaks onto. He’s a great combination of broody, dark, and honorable. Not your typical mythical creature. Kiersten creates a world away from Earth, where much of our mythology exists in an alien form, not too different from humans but with the capability of deep space travel. Kiersten’s mixture of sci-fi and paranormal romance worked for me.

I loved how Analia and Sebastian’s relationship grew, mostly against Sebastian’s will—typical, demons never want to commit—a hurtful past event has him guarding his heart, but Analia unwittingly finds her way in. I actually really liked the sex scenes, they added an emotional level to the story without being cheesy. They were explicit, but not vulgar.

This book had some really funny characters, which I would have loved to have more background on, or a side story, but I’m sure they’ll get their own books.

Witch Heart (Elemental Witches, Book 3) by Anya Bast

Anya Bast creates one of my favorite characters in Which Heart. I love it when the females in a story are stronger than the males. Yet, even though Claire is more powerful than other witches she is venerable in a way no other witch is.

Claire has lived most of her life in a demon realm where her somewhat-caring master performs experiments on her magic, altering it in such a way that she is able to draw on all four elements at once. But the power threatens to consume her if she uses too much.

When her master is attacked by rebel demons seeking the Elium (a powerful demon weapon) Claire’s master embeds it within her magic core, and thrusts her through a portal into the earth realm. She is instantly lost, and only knows that she must find her own kind, witches. But she knows nothing of Earth and no one on Earth seems to know anything about witches or demons. There is a period of bumbling around and looking like a crazy bag lady, which was humorous.

Adam has been ordered by the witch council to keep Claire safe from the demons who followed her to Earth. Adam is somewhat of a playboy, and is not looking for a relationship, but something about Claire captivates him and he can’t seem to stay away from her.

Through the book we watch Claire and Adam’s relationship blossom, while Claire learns to control her powers that have been enhanced by the Elium inside her.

I consider this the best book of the series and if you like stories with magic, action, and sex then try this one out.


Black Magic by Cherry Adair

Somewhat of a disappointment. Plot holes, irritating lead characters, and a huge ew factor regarding snakes.

A mysterious disease infects wizardkind. Sara and Jackson are chosen to figure the whole thing out. Two people who have not experience with detective work and are constantly bickering with each other over their mutual past to figure out ***SPOILER ALERT*** they’re living with the bad guy. Shocker!

The bad guy is posing as Sara’s guardian, boss, father figure who sleeps around like a cat in heat and gets blowjobs behind a bar in the middle of a party. But Sara defends him for most of the book, till she find out he not only murdered her parents, he’s a giant snake (literally) who is trying to sleep with her and get her pregnant with little snake babies. Eeww. You would think, with all the snake raping going on, why he didn’t just rape her in the first place. That’s a bit of a plot hole, because in the end that’s exactly what he intends to do.

The characters were flat and stubborn. Although I like stubbornness in strongly developed characters, these two were just too stubborn and dense for me. Most of their interaction was repetitive. Also, the parts about snakes raping girls didn’t sit well with me. I don’t really like reading about sexual abuse, especially when there are snakes with giant erections.


Witch Fire (Elemental Witches, Book 1) by Anya Bast

Mira is a witch, only she doesn’t know it. By her parent’s choice, Mira has lived as a human and had never been give the opportunity to develop her powers as an air witch. Air is the rarest of all elemental witches, and tends to be the strongest.

When the warlocks (evil witches, or witches who have turned evil) starts to target air witches for use in death magic, the witch council send Jack to watch over Mira. Staying at a distance Jack follows Mira for weeks, making sure she is safe. But the warlocks find Mira and Jack has to come to her rescue. Unfortunately, she confuses him with her attackers, and fights him when he tries to bring her to a safe house. (I always love it when that happens; mistaken identity makes for some fun reading).

Finally, we get through the following convince Mira she’s a witch scene, which, come-on, if someone told you that you were a witch, you wouldn’t believe it either—unless you are a witch. o_O

Anyway, Jack is a fire witch, and fire is drawn to air in a big way. They both feel intensely attracted to each other, and they both think it’s because of the natural attraction between their elements. But that doesn’t stop them from having hot monkey sex . . . with rope. If you like reading about bondage, then there are a few sex scenes in here for you.

This was a great start to a new series. The writing was fluid, the characters were endearing and relatable, and the story kept my attention. I myself could have done without the bondage. 😉