Demon’s Captive by Stephanie Snow

Humans are totally screwed! A mixed alien race of brutal conquerors take us down within months. They’re kind of like the Brogue. They assimilate the new planet and its people into their culture.

Charity runs for her life and is chased down by Melmanon, a very massive, very red, demon. Because Charity gave him so much trouble while trying to capture her Melmanon takes her as his torture slave.

Once captured Charity submits 100% to her captor. Knowing she will never get away she strives to appease the demon in every way. Her only though is survival. Melmanon is used to his brutal culture, full of fighting and forcing people to submit, that he’s surprised by Charity’s easy compliance, and find it refreshing. For the first time in his life he’s compelled to pleasure rather than punish.

I feel Charity’s reaction to her situation is pretty realistic. As she ran for her life through her ruined home planet she witnessed the utter brutality and slaughter of her people. She believes if she’s caught she will die. When she becomes a slave instead, it comes as a relief. Even though she submits to the demon in order to save her life she is utterly horrified by her body’s reaction to him and there is a great mental struggle within her.

This is not your typical romance. This is a dark dominant/submissive story with a little BDSM and torture.

The end it too fast and too easily summed up for me. The author could have drawn it out a little better. It sort of felt like Snow got a little tired of writing, and just rushed through it.

Burning Up Flint-by Laurann Dohner

Long ago, in the future, mankind creates humanoids (cyborgs) in their images, and then deems them too dangerous to live—right after they become sentient beings. Rings true so far. After years of fighting, humans have been told by their governments that all cyborgs have been destroyed. Only a little lie, where governments are concerned.

Flint is a cyborg, one of the many who escaped the slaughter. He, like other cyborgs is an Alpha male and doesn’t like sharing. He just happens to be in charge of the ship that attacks Mira’s little shuttle. Flint takes her as his.

Mira is a wealthy aristocrat, so she’s inherently not okay with being called property or slave. Understandable. However she’s much too bold in the face of people who could crush her with their toe. In his room Flint pretty much rapes her, but it’s okay because she’s turned on—even though she’s just been abducted by incredibly large cyborg’s and told she will never go home again.

Then Mira immediately demands a monogamous commitment from Flint, even though she’s his “property.” She want’s Flint to express his emotions for her and declare that he cares for her. Her attachment happens too fast for me. After only a day or two there are narrative comments like He was always surprising her.

At some point the title “property” freaks her out and she finally decides to escape. However, her shuttle is captured by pirates and she has to be rescued by Flint. Then there’s about three or four pages of Mira apologizing and begging Flint not to sell her to the cyborg who had threatened to rape, beat, and temporarily sell her to all the other cyborgs for like an hour or two. Flint and Mira have sex again and then the begging continues. Then we go back to the whole, “I’m not property and I need a commitment issue.”

The sex scenes were alright. The story line was interesting. Cyborgs are like humans only taller, stronger, and with silvery skin. They’re a little dim when it comes to emotions, and they remind me of the Vulcan race every time Flint says something about Mira’s logic is wrong.

I would have liked this story better if there wasn’t so much repetitive dialogue.

Demon Possession by Kiersten Fay

A wonderful start to a new series by paranormal romance author Kiersten Fay. Demon Possession starts off with a rush of adrenaline. Analia’s (aka Anya’s) escape had me glued to my e-reader. As she escapes, the author alludes to a past of sorrow and pain, while revealing a mysterious gift that we learn more about later. Analia is one of my favorite female characters of recent, she’s tough, on the cusp of being badass, yet she’s venerable.

Sebastian, a smoldering hot demon, is the captain of the ship that Analia sneaks onto. He’s a great combination of broody, dark, and honorable. Not your typical mythical creature. Kiersten creates a world away from Earth, where much of our mythology exists in an alien form, not too different from humans but with the capability of deep space travel. Kiersten’s mixture of sci-fi and paranormal romance worked for me.

I loved how Analia and Sebastian’s relationship grew, mostly against Sebastian’s will—typical, demons never want to commit—a hurtful past event has him guarding his heart, but Analia unwittingly finds her way in. I actually really liked the sex scenes, they added an emotional level to the story without being cheesy. They were explicit, but not vulgar.

This book had some really funny characters, which I would have loved to have more background on, or a side story, but I’m sure they’ll get their own books.

Enslave me sweetly by Gena Showalter

Gena’s Alien huntress series is a futuristic story where aliens have come to earth and are considered second class-citizens, which always makes people act crazy, whether they are the oppressed or the oppressors.

Enslave me sweetly follows Eden Black, a trained assassin, and a Raka alien who was raised by a human after her parents were killed when she was young. Raka’s are a race of aliens, coveted and nearly driven to extinction for their golden skin and hair. After sitting on the sidelines for some time Eden is given a new mission that comes with an unwanted partner, Lucius. Eden works alone, and Lucius, though handsome, is in her way. His opinion of her is that she is spoiled and uses her beauty to get what she wants. There’s a fun struggle through the story as Eden and Lucius learn to work together.

Their mission, is to uncover and eliminate a slaving operation, so, of course, the best course of action is for Eden to get herself captured by the slavers. Well, how else do you find them?

Throughout the book, the dynamic between Lucius and Eden gets pretty steamy and I liked it. Eden is a strong independent female and Lucius is a badass.


Beyond (Sci-Fi Fantasy [satire] series)

Beyond (Sci-Fi Fantasy [satire] Series)

The Worlds of Science Fiction & Fantasy collide in an imaginative, epic journey through one shown incredible and awesome beyond, which includes an infinity of bizarre worlds, creatures, cultures, colors and essence of all reality? th, which ever were and always will be – erz hlt in a humorous, often tongue-in-cheek satirical style that expands the reader’s imagination, riveting challenges one’s mind, and absolutely the reader of this fascinating story that unfolds between man and infinite variety. It is a fantastic journey through an eternal and unz Monna Lisa reality t, where anything can happen, and usually not -? By acclaimed author-psychologist, R. Vincent Riccio. Rating:

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