Cruel Enchantment (A dark magick novel: book 2) by Anya Bast

The fae have been rounded up and relocated to what I can only compare to as a reservation called Piefferburg. Emmaline, who used to be the summer queens evil assassin, escaped the roundup, and lives outside the fae reservation as free woman. She is spectacular with glamour, and that is how she’s been able to hide who she is all this time.

Emmaline is legendary among the fae and is feared and loathed for the acts she carried out in the name of the summer queen. In the past, one of her assignments went terribly wrong and she murdered Aeric’s beloved (but ultimately fucked up) lady love. As a result, Aeric vows revenge on Emmaline, and this brings us to the fun parts.

Emmaline used to be head over heels in love with Aeric, and didn’t hide it very well, so of course everyone knew. This open attraction leads Aeric to believe that Emmaline murdered his woman out of spite, which turns out to be a falsehood, but it’s fun getting to that conclusion.

When Emmaline returns to Piefferburg, under the guise of someone else and on a mission to free the fae from their prison, Aeric is instantly alerted by a magic spell that she is within his reach. He thus captures her and holds her captive for weeks, while he decides his revenge. During this time his attraction for her disturbs him. Let the internal conflicts ensue.

I enjoyed the plot and journey of this story. Emmaline turns out to be a pretty vulnerable chick and we find that she was never happy being the summer queens pit-bull, we also discover some dark thing in her past and how truly messed up the summer queen is. She is one evil chick.


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