Dark Enchantment (A dark magick novel: book ) by Anya Bast

Charlotte Bennett’s father hated the fae with a vengeance and, as with anyone who is prejudice, raised her to loath them as well. She was told terrible story after terrible story since she was born. Ah, but what is the real reason her father hated the fae? Dun, dun, da. That is the question, isn’t it?

Anyhew, by this time in the series the fae have real hope of escaping the walls of Piefferburg, and they need Charlotte’s help. Kieran is an Unseelie who can use his magic to control Charlotte and he literally forces her to get to him by any means possible. Charlotte is of course afraid of what will become of her. Who wouldn’t when you’re reduced to a puppet?

When she meets Kieran, she instantly hates him, and her attraction to him is more than irritating. After a few escape attempts Charlotte agrees to help the fae in return for her freedom.

Through their journey Kieran systematically breaks down all of Charlotte’s preconceived notions about the fae and he inadvertently falls for her. But a terrible curse forces them apart. Kieran cannot ever fall in love without both of them dying.

I enjoyed the story, but some pats stated to lag and I did a bit of skipping when the yawning started. The end was a cliffhanger, which isn’t unexpected, but this particular cliffhanger left me feeling like they were about to get their asses handed to them by the evil Phaendir.


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