Demon’s Captive by Stephanie Snow

Humans are totally screwed! A mixed alien race of brutal conquerors take us down within months. They’re kind of like the Brogue. They assimilate the new planet and its people into their culture.

Charity runs for her life and is chased down by Melmanon, a very massive, very red, demon. Because Charity gave him so much trouble while trying to capture her Melmanon takes her as his torture slave.

Once captured Charity submits 100% to her captor. Knowing she will never get away she strives to appease the demon in every way. Her only though is survival. Melmanon is used to his brutal culture, full of fighting and forcing people to submit, that he’s surprised by Charity’s easy compliance, and find it refreshing. For the first time in his life he’s compelled to pleasure rather than punish.

I feel Charity’s reaction to her situation is pretty realistic. As she ran for her life through her ruined home planet she witnessed the utter brutality and slaughter of her people. She believes if she’s caught she will die. When she becomes a slave instead, it comes as a relief. Even though she submits to the demon in order to save her life she is utterly horrified by her body’s reaction to him and there is a great mental struggle within her.

This is not your typical romance. This is a dark dominant/submissive story with a little BDSM and torture.

The end it too fast and too easily summed up for me. The author could have drawn it out a little better. It sort of felt like Snow got a little tired of writing, and just rushed through it.

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