Destiny Kills by Keri Arthur

The book starts off a little slow. Destiny finds herself on a beach, naked, with a dead guy, and no memory of how she got there or why he’s dead, although she does recall how to say the sacred words that will allow his soul to travel safely into the next life. Convenient for the dead guy. I know what you’re thinking: How can a book that starts off with a guy already dead be slow? Well it was for me.

Destiny instinctively knows she’s not quite human but we don’t get to find out what she is until a little later in the book. Searching for clothing, Destiny breaks into a cottage, but is soon being chased by the police. I felt the police came a bit unexpectedly. The only way I can figure they’d know she was there, is if the cottage had a high-tech silent alarm. Okay, I’ll play along.

During the chase she is almost run over by Trae, the very man who is looking for her, though it’s not clear how he knows it’s her, since they’ve never met. Maybe it’s a dragon thing. Trae is a fire-breathing air dragon, and Destiny is a water controlling sea dragon. Slowly, as the story progresses, Destiny regains her memories. She, along with a few others, had been imprisoned by scientists. Not the nice scientists who teach you how to make an egg fit through the neck of a bottle without breaking.

My favorite part of the book is when Destiny shows a little bad-assedness and kills one of the evil guys chasing her, though I find it odd that she’s not okay with killing any of the others. The book is titled Destiny Kills, so I was expecting a little more, well, killing.

As a side story, Destiny’s father is dying from diabetes, and she needs to get to him before he kicks the bucket so she can help his soul move on. I could have done without this part personally, but it adds a tenderness and backstory to Destiny’s character. Conveniently, the day Destiny reaches her father, he dies. I felt this happened a bit quick, but maybe it’s a dragon thing. Anyway, now Destiny and Trae set out to free the other trapped dragons.

The attraction between Destiny and Trae is a little too instantaneous without much of an explanation why, perhaps there are destined mates in the dragon world and you know your mate when you see them, but that was never explained. The comedic banter between them makes up for it though, they had me laughing.

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