Enslave me sweetly by Gena Showalter

Gena’s Alien huntress series is a futuristic story where aliens have come to earth and are considered second class-citizens, which always makes people act crazy, whether they are the oppressed or the oppressors.

Enslave me sweetly follows Eden Black, a trained assassin, and a Raka alien who was raised by a human after her parents were killed when she was young. Raka’s are a race of aliens, coveted and nearly driven to extinction for their golden skin and hair. After sitting on the sidelines for some time Eden is given a new mission that comes with an unwanted partner, Lucius. Eden works alone, and Lucius, though handsome, is in her way. His opinion of her is that she is spoiled and uses her beauty to get what she wants. There’s a fun struggle through the story as Eden and Lucius learn to work together.

Their mission, is to uncover and eliminate a slaving operation, so, of course, the best course of action is for Eden to get herself captured by the slavers. Well, how else do you find them?

Throughout the book, the dynamic between Lucius and Eden gets pretty steamy and I liked it. Eden is a strong independent female and Lucius is a badass.


Lover Unbound – BDB 5 by J. R. Ward

The first hundred pages are boring as hell. Besides a huge revelation about V’s origins not much happens. The book jumps from character to character, where you read about stuff you already know, and I’m just thinking when is something going to happen. Phury is still in love with Bella, and there’s more about what’s happening with John, but all I really want is V’s story because I know the other two will eventually have a whole book unto themselves. I’m afraid much skipping is happening here.

I was a little put off by V’s homosexual feelings for Butch. Not that I’m against that sort of thing, I’m just not into it when it comes to my romance books. That being said, I love the dynamic between V and Jane. Jane is a tough chick, and relief after the previous books low self-esteemed heroine. The BDSM I could have done without, but at least it was only one scene.

V and Jane fall for each other fast, which I liked because there were less false assumptions and self-doubt as there was with the other books. Of course they had to fall fast because much of the book was dedicated to other characters. The sex was hot, and much more intense than previous books. Same goes for the breakup, most emotionally real parting of the characters yet.

I’m sorry for then end though. Although V and Jane get to be together, it’s not the happily-ever-after that satisfies me. Though this issue doesn’t get addressed in the book V can never live off Jane’s blood, so he will need to take the vein of another female forever, and he and Jane can never have children together. It was just not the right kind of ending.

Eternity Embraced by Larissa Ione

Be aware that this is not a full-length novel. This is a very shortened story that coincides between the third and fourth books in the Demonica series. I did enjoy the dynamic between these two main characters and believe that the story would have made for a really great full-length novel. I was a little sad that there was so little to the story, but as I understand, it was part of The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2.

Short stories aren’t my cup of tea. There is usually no room for strong character development, and a believable connection between the main characters. But Ione is able to bypass this problem by creating two characters who are already in love and now have the challenge of getting past the fat that one of them has been turned into their worst enemy.

I really enjoyed this story, and could only wish for more of it.

Lover Revealed – BDB 4 by J. R. Ward

Butch was always comedy relief, and I was eager for his book to find out how he and Marissa would finally come together. However, the story didn’t live up to my expectations. I expected Butch to be more persistent, and fight for his woman, but he had some major self-esteem issues that were a bit of a turnoff. Marissa’s self-esteem wasn’t much better. By the end, both of them were borderline pathetic. I just kept thinking how can these two be a good couple with all the combined self-doubt.

There were a few hot love scenes, one was voyeuristic involving Butch’s best friend V. Interesting twist there, we find that Marissa may have some competition. The constant pushing away, and coming back together with the main couple got pretty old quick, and sadly I got a little board with the dialogue. I just wanted these two to show a little confidence.

The sexual innuendo between Butch and V is brought to light in this book and adds another dimension to the story. Is V in love with Butch, or is Butch his Frodo to V’s Sam. Either way we get some inside to the dynamic of their relationship.

In the end Marissa finally found her grove and had herself a you-go-girl moment, regarding her peers, that redeemed her for me. Butch also goes through something (I won’t mention what, and spoil it) so he can be the man Marissa needs.

Dark Lover (BDB Book 1) by J R Ward

You may be a vampire and not even know it. In Ward’s world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, a vampire is born as any other human, goes through life without any special cravings, and doesn’t change into a vampire until around age 25. It’s an interesting concept and has the potential for appealing story lines.

The black dagger brother hood is a special group of warrior vampires who defend the vampire community against—ahem—undead humans. There’s a twist. Humans who despise vampires trade their souls to join the lessers, and who’s only goal is to kill vampires.

There were a few things I couldn’t stand that I should mention now. The horrible names for one! I don’t know if I’ve said this before but I hate ridiculous descriptive names like Rhage, Vishous, or Phury, and this series has them all. So if you can get past that, here’s the second thing I had trouble with; the bad ghetto talk. Every time the ghetto talk starts up all I can picture is an outrageously dressed pimp with a feather in his cap, instead of the leather bound vampire warriors they are supposed to be. Those two things aside, I enjoyed the book.

Beth is the illegitimate daughter of Darius, a member of the black dagger brotherhood and good friend of Wrath, the rightful kind of the vampires. Beth doesn’t know she’s a vampire or the daughter of one. She’s lived as a human all her life. Just before his death Darius makes Wrath promise to help his daughter through the change, meaning she must feed from a strong male vampire as she makes the transition.

Before Beth meets her dark warrior, she has a particularly nasty encounter with a human who later becomes a lesser and Wrath fines he need to help Beth through more than just her transmission.

The romance was good, Wraith was, of course, resistant, and Beth was the typical damsel in distress with backbone.

Dreams of a Dark Warrior – Kresley Cole

I don’t think Kresley Cole knows how to write a bad book. I dare her to try. No, don’t. Just keep pumping out these magnificent stories.

As I read my way through the Immortals After Dark series, Regin was the one that made me laugh more than any other character. I figured Regin would forever be comic relief, same with Nucking Futs Nix. So I was surprised that Kresley’s next book would be about Regin the Radiant.

To be honest I was nervous. I knew Regin as immature, raunchy, and basically good times all around. I couldn’t imagine her in a serious relationship, unless it was a relationship based on pranks and penis jokes. But after the prologue I was eager to finish the story right then and there.

Regin’s story is tragic one. She leaves Valhalla to save her sister Lucia, along the way she comes across the mighty Aidan, leader of the group of berserkers. At hearing Regin’s voice Aidan immediately recognizes her as his mate, even though she’s only twelve at the time. Don’t worry, Aidan is honorable—at least in this first lifetime—and he vows to protect Regin, and to wed her when she is older. Years later, on the day they finally make love, Aidan is murdered right in front of Regin, thus begins the curse. With his dying breath Aidan vows to return for Regin, and he does, by reincarnating. In each lifetime he dies just after he and Regin make love for the first time.

This time Aidan has reincarnated as Chase, Magistrate of the Order, and in charge of the facility that has captured, tortured, studied, and killed countless immortals. He captures and imprisons Regin. Through some steamy Arabian-Nights-like encounters, Regin tries to get Chase to remember who she is as she tells him of all his previous lives, but Aidan’s hatred runs deep, and he is more resistant than any other incarnation before.

Unfortunately, Chase never gets redeemed in my mind. I don’t feel he ever deserves forgiveness after what he did to Regin and all the other innocent immortals. Though I loved the story, this was Kresley’s only book where I didn’t soften toward the male lead. But I forgive you Kresley, as long as your next hero is a little more lovable.


Called by blood by Evie Byrne

Vampires and humans, blood and sex. It’s the ultimate urban fantasy when done right. My fellow romance addicts will agree that vampire stories will never get old. But there is a fine line between sexy and vulgar, and this book walks the line.

It starts off in a way that personally irritates me, but other readers may love it when there is that instant mystical love connection that takes no time to develop. Helena, opens her door to a stranger and winds up making out with him within seconds, practically stripping him right there on the porch. I know, I know, Alex is a vampire and all, but I like my romance with a little less helpless-to-resist and a little more, well, resisting. Not that I didn’t enjoy the book, I did. I’m just pointing out that the beginning started wrong for me.

The middle was better, once I got over the He’s a stranger that you believe is a psycho stalker, and you’re sleeping with him issue. The sex was hot, and sometimes out of my comfort zone. There’s a scene where the two share a dream on a train. They’re doing some serious heavy petting while a man watches with his pants around his ankles. Strangely hot, but weird at the same time.

The conflict between the characters was well done, and the character development was not bad either. Alex was a bit of a quirky vampire, young too, not your typical ancient vamp. I think he was twenty-seven, so his bride was actual older than him, which is unusual in vamp stories. It was refreshing because there was an excitement in Alex that was almost childlike.

The ending was way too abrupt. I kept flipping pages, wondering if my kindle was broken. Of course, the book ended with love, but there was a lot left unsaid. Like, throughout the entire book Helena affirms that she could never become a vamp, and never be able to see the sun again. This issue is never resolved for the reader. Are we to assume that she is suddenly okay with it? Also, there is a bonding process where blood is shared between the vamp and his mate but that never happens either, at least on Helena’s side. I just felt like I needed something more.

That said, I will be reading the rest of the series =^_^=


Sin Undone (A Demonica Novel Book 5) by Larissa Ione

We first meet Sin in book four, where she has a sexy liaison with the wicked and emotionless half-vampire half-werewolf Conall. Their coupling was fierce but brief. Afterward, Sin learns that she was part of a bet to see if Conall could get into her pants. However, Sin’s heart is hardened, and she has grown accustomed to being used, and using in return. For her, the act of having sex is merely a survival technique. Seminus demons need sex to live.

Sin lives with the burden of being one of kind, and is utterly alone because of it. Before her, Seminus demons have always been born Male. She is the only female in existence. In Sin Undone we learn of Sin’s past, and the turmoil she went through while going through her change into a demoness.

Eventually her unstable need for sex leads her down a dangerous path of homelessness and dark alleys. After years of slavery, and as an assassin, she rises up to the head of a group of assassins who only follow her because she wears a master ring that controls them, and she is constantly under attack by those who would take it from her. Her power—as each Seminus’s power is different—is the ability to kill through disease, but she must touch her victim to use her gift.

In the previous book Sin unwittingly unleashes a terrible disease that spreads through the werewolf community. In Sin Undone she must work with the brothers she despises, and the hated but sexy Conall to develop a cure.

Conall despises Sin for what she has done to his people but is forced to protect her in hopes of finding a cure. The fact that she needs sex every-so-often is just a bonus of the job. Or is it more than that? Conall’s cold demeanor slowly softens toward Sin as he learns she’s not the cold heartless bitch she tries to portray.

After being separated from her brothers and fending off multiple assassination attempts by everyone but the kitchen sink, while repeatedly having mind-blowing sex with Conall, Sin struggles with her guilt, her past, and her unwanted feelings for Conall—the whole while trying to protect her heart from more damage.

I enjoyed this story from the start. Sin’s need to close off her emotions only to have them forced out of her by Conall was both heart wrenching and endearing. I didn’t like Conall at first, because he was a jerk to Sin, then again Sin was a Jerk to everyone, but I quickly changed my mind about him when he started realizing his feelings for Sin.

There is a part where Sin gets a little freaky with a snowball that I sort of blocked out though. O_o

Master of Dragons by Angela Knight

I just finished Master of Dragons and have mixed feelings about it. The beginning was good and moved at a decent pace, but then it just started to drag. Something started to be repetitive, while others just felt like empty filler.

It may be just me, but I don’t like it when a story deviates from the main characters and here’s why; I’m not interested in what the other characters thing or feel, I don’t need a side story that could have been left out and not been missed.

The story is about Nineva, who is prophesied to one day free a goddess trapped in a sword. She grew up believing, and accepting that she would die to free the goddess. But the goddess must be strengthened first and, because she’s a fertility goddess, Nineva must have sex to do it. But not with just anyone, with Kel, a dragon from her nightmares.

Kel and Nineva must hump like bunnies to feed the goddess and free her. This is where I get a little disconnected. Storylines where the characters must screw, in order to save the world, just weird me out. You might like it though.

So they have sex a lot, and then fly off to elicit the help of dragons who hate Kel, and really, really hate things that walk on two legs. So easy peasy right? Of course not. We are led through a long scene where Kel and Nineva try to convince the dragons to help, which could have been much shorter in my opinion.

Eventually the dragons help, because someone stole the magical egg that power their god. O_o Anyhew, by this time I’m getting a little bored with the whole plot, and it’s supposed to be the best part—Nineva and Kel are falling madly in love, despite the turmoil happening all around them, I just had a hard time losing myself in the story.

Dream Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I’m sorry but I couldn’t finish this book, so this will be half of a review. The story was boring, the sexual “dreams” were boring. And I could never get past the main characters name. Geary, is supposed to be a girl, but every time I read the name I though it was a guy. And, again I’m sorry, but I’m not into guy on guy.

Sherrilyn seemed to be running out of steam with this book, because it’s hard not to keep my interest. Even with the cheesiest, cliché romance novels. I am usually able to finish the book at least.

All I can tell you is that Geary, the girl, is looking for Atlantis and Arik is a dream hunter that jumps into her dreams and makes love to her, then she meets him for real and is confused by her dreams. Together they go off to find Atlantis and I couldn’t tell you if they found it or not.

If you chose to read this I wish you all the luck that you can finish it.