Wicked Enchantment (A dark magick novel: book 1) by Anya Bast

This is a very different take on fae legend. The fae have been rounded up and relocated to (what I can only compare to as) a reservation called Piefferburg. It’s a small scrap of land where they are trapped and allowed to live their lives behind a thick and magical wall. As with most fae stories there is the Seelie court, who live in the rose tower, and an Unseelie court, who live in the black tower.

The mysterious half incubus Gabriel from the black tower comes to petition the Summer Queen for residency in the white tower. The queen orders Aislinn to act as his guide while she contemplates his request.

It turns out that Gabriel has been ordered by the Shadow King to lure Aislinn to defect to the black tower. Gabriel, being an incubus, is known for his magical ability to cause women to become addicted to him, and his goal is to seduce Aislinn from the start. Unfortunately Aislinn has just had her heart broken and is wallowing in her own bitterness and anger toward the male species. As a result Aislinn seems immune to Gabriel’s advances.

The banter between the two characters was entertaining, and their relation progressed at a good pace. I enjoyed reading this book and will continue the series.

The only problem I had was the long-hard-to-pronounce names, for examble: Gabriel Cionaodh Marcus Mac Braire. I understand saying the characters full name once or twice for effect but sometimes it became a little much and I just skipped over everything after the first portion of the name.