Treasure Keeper by Shana Abe

The first thing I must start off with is this book is not romantic. If you’re looking for a sexy romance this is not it. This book was a little hard to follow and I was pretty much bored throughout. The story and the characters never drew me in and I had to force myself to continue reading. I’ll be honest, some skipping did happen.

The book starts off with a very long reading of Zoe’s diary from childhood to adulthood, which I thought was odd at first, and actually became irritated when it just went on and on, but toward the end I understood and appreciated the journey the author had just taken me on. Unfortunately that was nearly the only thing I appreciated about this book.

Zoe grew up envying all the boys who could turn into dragons. Girls of her race rarely ever gained powers of their own, and if they did they were forced to wed the upper class and breed. Throughout the diary we find that Zoe realizes she not only has a gift but she must hide it or else she will be forced to wed Rhys, the clan leaders son. Zoe thus develops a relationship with another male who is very regal and never shows or expresses love for her—or even kisses her. But she convinces her self that she’ll be happy with him because *puke* she wants to be able to chose her own husband.

When her soon-to-be husband disappears while on a mission for their clan Zoe defies her people and leaves the safety of her home to save him. Of course she has no knowledge of the outside world and has to learn as she goes. Zoe has no idea where or how to find her man so she just wonders around for a bit until she runs into Rhys who was also sent to find her soon-to-be husband.

What I mostly don’t like about the whole thing is that Zoe resents Rhys, and only gives into him because it’s expected of her by their dragon society (and the fact that her soon-to-be husband conveniently dies). Rhys maintains that he’s loved Zoe from the start but Zoe never reciprocates the feelings…ever.

Since childhood Rhys has been in love with Zoe and when he discovers her powers he attempts wooing her but she never really gets wooed. Oh, she has sex with Rhys but there’s no emotion in the act and I kind of felt that Zoe was physically unable to feel emotion in any way. I mostly felt sorry for Rhys.


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